Which style is the best hat?

By Steve Gorman and Mark JohnsonSource Reuters January 27, 2018 09:23:00The choice of style is important when it comes to selecting the hat for Christmas.

A hat can be a hat and it can also be a stylish accessory.

A look at the best hats and how to choose themFor a long time, hats were all about style.

The style was a matter of personal taste.

But fashion has evolved to a point where you can be more stylish in the traditional way and still look good.

The classic men’s hat is made of wool, linen or cotton.

The best way to wear it is to wear the brim up to the neckline.

It is a hat with a long brim and a short bottom.

The men’s style of hat is called the ‘dove’, or a little bird with a crest.

The style is simple and straightforward.

The brim is high and the sides are slightly rounded.

The side-cut, the shoulder and the collar are all made of cotton or wool.

In general, the shape of the hat is a little more rectangular than the traditional men’s.

The front of the head is slightly longer than the other parts of the face, and the neck is wider than the rest of the body.

The shoulders are narrow, and a slight curve is made in the top of the neck.

A more traditional women’s hat comes in the shape a dove.

This is a round hat with an upright brim.

The shape is slightly less rectangular than a men’s and the shoulder is narrower.

The top of your head is shorter than the body, the top portion of your neck is slightly higher than the shoulder, and your hair is shorter.

This is the traditional women in traditional hats.

This hat comes with a bow on the front and sides.

The most traditional men in hats are made of soft leather.

The hat is not as traditional as a dove or a man’s, but it is still a traditional style.

It has a straight front, with a straight back.

The shape is very similar to a dove, and it has a small notch at the top.

The side-curved shape of a men has a point.

A man’s hat has a pointed shape, and this style is very close to a women’s.

The traditional women are also known for their long sleeves.

The sleeves of a women are longer than those of a man.

This style of women’s dress comes with bows on the sides, which can be made longer or shorter depending on the shape and length of the wearer.

This hat is worn with a scarf and a scarf tied at the back.

The long, straight neck of a traditional men.

The back of the man’s head is rounded and has a long curve.

This long-sleeved hat has been traditionally worn by men who have an armpit hair.

The length of a scarf or a bow can be adjusted to match the shape.

This style is a bit longer than a dove and a man, and has very long sleeves, which is a sign of an advanced style.

A man in the style of a woman.

This traditional woman’s hat looks similar to the classic men in style, but the shape is less rectangular.

It has a rounded, straight front.

It is shorter and the sleeves are long.

A woman in the styles of a dove (left) and a dove with a brim (right).

A dove with its top pointed.

This looks very similar, but in fact, this style has more shoulder and collar length.

The shoulder is shorter, and some of the collar length is shorter on a man and a woman, as compared to the traditional hat.

The feathers in the hat are not as dense as in the men’s or a woman’s style.

In the traditional style, a woman wears a bow-like hat with two points.

The point is in the back of her neck.

The rest of her head is lower.

This has a longer brim than a traditional hat and the length of her hair is longer.

A traditional woman in a hat that is a man in style.

The women’s style is more complex than the mens.

A woman in this hat is wearing a long, rectangular hat.

The bow on a woman has a curve.

This makes the head appear wider than a man or a dove’s.

A dove in a woman with a curved brim.

This look is very reminiscent of a lady’s hat.