NFL’s most outrageous uniforms: NFL owners unveil new uniforms

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning says he was “disappointed” by the decision to unveil the team’s new uniforms during his annual media luncheon on Wednesday.

Manning said he and the rest of the team have been waiting for years for the new look, which includes new red and black accents on their helmets.

“This was the first time I’ve been in my entire career in a jersey and we didn’t like the way it looked,” Manning said.

“We’re a team of people who like to go to work every day and play hard, and I thought we should do something different.”

Manning and the Giants have been looking for the right uniforms for the last five years.

They spent the summer preparing for the start of training camp, and have been getting feedback from fans on the new designs.

But the new uniforms will not feature any elements from the 2011 season.

“Our fans wanted to see a uniform that was better than what they had in 2011, but the players didn’t think it was right for us,” Manning told reporters.

The Giants had been looking to go for a more casual look for the first few seasons, but with the new jerseys the team decided it wasn’t a good fit.

“There are two things that really bothered us, one is that we can’t have two different jerseys,” Manning explained.

“The other is that you can’t go to a game and have the same uniform every day.

You can’t be wearing the same thing in practice every day.”

The Giants have also been looking at other options.

“I think the uniforms that are on the field in New York, which we have, are not the best.

We don’t have the right numbers on the jerseys, they’re not reflective,” Manning added.

The team will not unveil the new design on the team website.

“They are not really a new uniform, they are not a brand new uniform.

The players, the fans, are the ones that are going to decide whether or not it is a good idea,” Manning continued.

The other new design will feature the team logo.

The logo will be embroidered on a new helmet, with a small red dot on each side.

“For me, it’s a symbol of pride,” Manning stated.

The Giants will begin wearing their new uniforms in 2019.